Open : Tuesday Through Sunday  
10:00〜18:00 Last admission 17:30

Close : Monday(exclued during a period for nationalholiday) and
      New Year Holidays(Dec.28〜Jan.4)

Admission Fee Adult College&high school students Under junior high
Individual ¥350
Free Free
Group ¥280 Free Free

Since ancient times, human beings  have created pottery with their bare hands, using fire and natural materials. The skills and knowledge of pottery making have been handed down to this day; pottery is indeed a cultural heritage from past generations. We Okinawans have also cultivated a unique culture of pottery through our interaction with nature and cultural exchange with neighboring countries. The history of Okinawan pottery shows that its role and forms have changed to meet the demands of the times. The main purpose of this museum is to display Tsuboya-yaki (Tsuboya ware) and to illustrate the background of Tsuboya, which has played a significant role in the development of and leads in the production of Okinawan pottery. It is our hope that our exhibitions will help create greater interest in Tsuboya-yaki and Yachimun Alley, which is alongside of the museum, as well as the future prospects of Tsuboya and Okinawan pottery.


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Basic Knowledge of Pottery

What is ara-yachi ?

What is Jo-yachi ?

English Translation : Tengan Ayami